Progressive Cavity Pumps

Working Principle

  • Single Screw Pump is a Positive Displacement pump and actual Pumping elements are Rotor and Stator
  • The Single helical Rotor rolls eccentrically in a double threaded helix Stator of twice the pitch length
  • A series of sealed cavities 180 degree are created that progress from Suction to Discharge
  • The opposing cavities fill and empty simultaneously resulting in a pulsation less flow
  • The fluid travels axially with relatively low velocity and minimal agitation
  • The Stator is made of a resilient elastomeric material and vulcanized to the stator pipe/tube providing a slight radial interference of the tool steel / Stainless steel Rotor in the Stator
  • The elastomer Stator adds abrasion resistance beyond that of conventional rotary pumps
  • The particle tends to imbed rather than abrade the elastomer Stator and also allowing deformation to partially accommodate the solid particles
  • The compression fit of the Rotor and Stator enables the pump to handle gaseous liquids and low viscosity liquids
  • The pressure capabilities of the pump are a function of the number of times of the progressive seal lines are repeated


  • Low maintenance and spare part costs
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Easy for Operation and maintenance
  • High pumping and metering accuracy
  • Handle fluids with abrasive solids
  • Low NPSHr
  • Self-priming features with dry substance upto 45%
  • Simple and economical pump design
  • Unique pivot joint design provides strength for rigorous continuous operation


  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Transfer
  • Polymer Feed
  • Dewatering
  • Sludge transfer
  • Chemical feed
  • Centrifuge Charging
  • Filter – Press Charging
  • Kiln Charging & Drainage
  • Metering
  • Pit Emptying

Maximum Performance Data


Diff. Pressure

upto 2700 lpm

upto 24 bar

Operating Parameters


From 1 to 1,00,000 cSt

Fluid Temperature

upto 120 C

Material of Construction

Casing Options

Cast Iron / Stainless Steel / Fabricated Steel / Fabricated Stainless Steel

Rotor Option

Stainless Steel / Tool Steel

Stator Options

Nitrile / EPDM / Viton / Hypalon

Sealing Options

Gland Packing / Mechanical Seal

Construction Features


one / two

Stator Construction

Standard / Equal Walled

Mounting Options

Horizontal Foot / Vertical tank / Gear Box