Power (Solar power parabolic trough)

Heat Transfer Fluids

Parabolic Trough:

In solar parabolic trough power fields‚ a heat transfer fluid (HTF) is circulated through the receiver tube and returned to heat exchangers in the power block where the fluid is used to generate high-pressure steam. CIRCOR hot oil pumps are used to move the heat transfer fluid through the collector tube meeting temperature application requirements up to 750°F/400°C.

Allweiler Hot Oil pumps are the choice for this application.

Flow Rates up to Pressures to up to Max Fluid Temperature CIRCOR Brand & Series
1‚450 m^3/h 6‚380 GPM
40 bar 580 psi
400C 752F

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Solar Power Parabolic Thorugh Overview

Solar power parabolic trough systems use parabolic curved‚ through shaped reflectors or mirrors to focus the sun’s energy onto a receiver pipe. The receiver pipe runs at the focal point of the reflector. The parabolic shape of the mirror enable them to focus the sun to 30x – 60x its normal intensity onto the receiver pipe. The concentrated energy heats a heat transfer fluid (HTF)‚ usually oil‚ flowing through the pipe. This fluid is then used to generate steam which powers a turbine that drives an electric generator‚ which is comparable to the steam power plant process.

The parabolic trough collectors are situated on an east-west axis and rotated with the sun to maximize the sun’s energy input to the receiver tube.

Solar power parabolic trough systems have also been used as a supplement to traditional steam fired power plants. In this example‚ the heat transfer fluid is circulated to the boiler for steam generation replacing a fossil fuel.