Shuttle Block Pumps - SL Series

Working Principle

The E-SL (Shuttle Block) pump employs an unique pumping principle – a combination of Rotary and Piston pump. Two double acting pistons in their respective slots at right angles to each other, accomplish this, while the rotor turns without the need for any valving. The Shuttle block pump is a self priming rotary pump. There are only three pumping elements – Rotor, Piston and Shuttle. Rotor is keyed to a single shaft and runs concentric in pump casing. It has a rectangular slot across its face. The channel-shaped piston reciprocates within this slot. A rectangular block, shuttle, fits liquid tight in piston slot and reciprocates. The rotary action of rotor combined with the eccentrically mounted shuttle creates reciprocating motion among the pumping elements.


  • Handle highly viscous liquids
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Smooth, pulsation-free flow
  • Front pull out design, rotor removal without dismantling the pump and motor
  • High reliability and excellent service life
  • High volumetric efficiency, low power requirements
  • Long stuffing box construction with external bearing reduces leakages to minimum


  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Transfer
  • Circulation
  • Process pumping
  • Tank to tank transfer


Rotors :

Cast Iron

Casing :

Cast Iron

Cover :

Cast Iron

Piston :

Carbon Steel

Shaft :


Seal :

Gland Packing / Mechanical seal

Capacity :

220 – 970 ipm

Outlet Pressure :

Up to 6 bar

Viscosity :

3 – 5000 cSt

Temperature :

Up to 140°C

Speed :

Up to 1450 rpm

Drive :

Direct / V-belt

Rotation :

Anti-clockwise facing pump drive shaft