Food Beverages

Metering (Dosing‚ Fill‚ Coating‚ Injection)

It is common in food and beverage applications to see variations in storage tank levels and system pressure fluctuations resulting in continuously over- or under-dosing. Many factories continuously over feed additives to account for under-dosing and injecting more additive than necessary costs money. Food additives can be very expensive‚ particularly concentrated additives such as flavorings or vitamin solutions. Over time‚ even small amounts of waste can add up to costly losses.

The Zenith branded pumps provide users with accuracy and performance‚ low cost of ownership and uniform flow to help alleviate the unsatisfactory conditions previously mentioned.

Brand/Series Max Flow Rate Max Discharge Pressure Bar Comments
Up to 27‚000 cc/min
Made with 400 Stainless Steel
Up to 9‚000 cc/min
Made with Tool Steel
Up to 9‚000 cc/min
Made with 316 Stainless Steel