Process Support

The term process support is a general term used by CIRCOR to describe the transport of a liquid from one process location to another. This type of pump used in this application will vary depending on the characteristics of the liquid. Some examples include:

Centrifugal Pumps: Through the Allweiler branded centrifugal products‚ CIRCOR offers DIN standard centrifugal pumps. Centrifugal pumps are used to pump a wide variety of light viscosity products as well as water.

Propeller Pumps are commonly used to pump cooling water or other salt based liquids in high volume. With flow rates up to 50‚000 m3/h‚ these high flow pumps fulfill requirements of EU explosion protection directive 94/9/EC (ATEX)‚ Device Class II category 2G‚ Temperature classes T1 – T4.

Hot Oil: With output up to 5‚500 gpm at temperature up to 700F‚ the Allweiler branded hot oil pumps offer industry leading technology with maintenance friendly design.

3 Screw: Three screw pumps are commonly used to support the lubrication or rotating equipment. However‚ they have also been used in polyurethane manufacturing for isocyanate. CIRCOR offers Allweiler and Imo branded three screw products with flow rates up to 1‚400 gpm and pressures to 1‚450 psi.

2 Screw: Frequently viewed as the pump of last resort because of their high initial cost‚ two screw pumps should be considered for any application where the process may involve variations in flow‚ temperature‚ pressure‚ liquid characteristics or viscosity.