To succeed in today’s competitive environment‚ fiber producers must solve critical issues such as inadequate pump life‚ reduced production uptime‚ inconsistent denier uniformity and excessive maintenance costs. From pre-polymer metering to fiber spinning and finishing‚ the CIRCOR branded Zenith pumps is your partner for the long run. There are three primary benefits to operating a Zenith branded pumps – production consistency‚ reduced shear and high metering accuracy.

Production consistency: The single gear level planetary pump series offers greater stream to stream process temperature uniformity resulting in improved yarn consistency and process ability when compared with multi gear level style pumps.

Reduced shear: The Zenith planetary series imparts minimal mechanical shearing action of the pump on the polymer flow. This benefit reduces the undesirable effects on both shear of the spun polymer and the thermal gradients int eh polymer flow downstream of the pump.

High metering accuracy: High metering accuracy is expected and delivered through the spin pump operation and construction.

Series Max Flow Rate Max Discharge Pressure Bar
Up to 9.5 GPM
25 lbs/hr
750 cc/rev
120 cc/min/stream
144 cc/min/stream