Pulp & Paper


CIRCOR branded Warren thick stock pumps are the industry standard. These high density pumps are extremely rugged and reliable‚ and are designed to develop high pressure with little or no vibration. Conservative engineering in critical areas assures long-term reliability even in the demanding operation of pumping high consistency stocks.

Each installation is a case study of energy savings and / or operational improvements. Some examples include:

  • Routinely achieves consistencies of 14 – 16 percent
  • Increased output through a bleach plant by as much as one-third or more‚ without increasing baseline production costs
  • Increased chemical consumption efficiency in the bleaching tower‚ reducing chemical costs by as much as $1 million per year
  • Reduced the amount of steam required to heat the stock in the bleaching process‚ saving as much as $1.3 million per year per stage in energy costs

The very successful concept of twin-intermeshing pump screws is continued in the 2601 series. The design changes that have been incorporated are directed specifically at making on-site repairs by mill personnel easier‚ faster and more economical.

Series Flow Range (Volume of Stock moved per day) Maximum Pressure on Discharge (psi)
Warren 2601/Two Screw
Up to 2000 tons per day
240 psi