Pulp & Paper

Engineered Systems

CIRCOR designs and delivers fluid handling packaged systems that solve unique and often complex business challenges for chemical processors around the world. Engineering and hydraulics experts stand ready to work closely with you to provide custom systems or provide a standard solution for even your most challenging applications.

More than simply a collection of components‚ engineered systems solutions from CIRCOR defy the traditional build-to-print role of packagers. The traditional view leans toward the myth that it is more cost-effective for you to design skids and systems yourself‚ and outsourcing only the fabrication. But with the fluid handling experts at CIRCOR, you cover all aspects associated with building the right system for your application including administration‚ documentation‚ staging‚ testing and construction.

Engineered systems for the pulp and paper industry from CIRCOR include:

  • Lubrication oil systems
  • Lubrication oil purification systems
  • Compressor wash
  • Fuel forwarding/transfer
  • Metering and additives