Pulp & Paper


The pulp and paper powerhouse includes the prime mover and the auxiliary components. The prime mover is responsible for generating the electricity for the plant; the auxiliary components include lubrication systems as well as the fuel forwarding or transfer to the prime mover. In a pulp paper plant‚ a variety of liquids are pumped to the primer mover for combustion. They include traditional bio fuels such as black liquor and conventional wood fuels‚ as well as traditional combustion fuels used in a power plant such as Fuel Oil #6 or #4. Certainly‚ bio fuels are more common because of the source of supply and synergy with downstream processes. In additional traditional fossil fuels are also used to generate power such as coal.

CIRCOR products found within the powerhouse include three screw (rotating equipment lubrication‚ transfer‚ fuel forwarding) and two screw (transfer‚ fuel forwarding) and centrifugal (lubrication).

Series Max Flow Rate L/Min Max Discharge Pressure Bar
Upto 200C
112 - 4‚164
40 - 310
150 - 22‚700
11 - 107
Upto 350C
Series Max Flow Rate Max Delivered Head Max Pressure Max Fluid Temperature
Centrifugal Pumps
80 - 2‚300 m3/h
55 - 250m
16 or 25 bar
120 - 400C